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A SELF-PROCLAIMED STORYTELLER | Growing up in an advertising agency family, she has always been influenced by creative direction, story-telling and aesthetics. Jessie ’s career has developed its own texture over the years, shifting and growing to meet clients’ needs and allowing her to evolve as a creative professional. Having been a photographer for nearly two decades, she now specializes in commercial and editorial photography, interiors, hospitality and food, as well as styling services. Her preferred style is lively and full of color. She doesn’t typically use a lot of backgrounds or lights and she refrains from over-processing her photos unless a particular shoot calls for it in the name of creative direction. In other words: less is more, candid > contrived, and quality always wins out over quantity, no contest. READ MORE

“I am so blown away right now with the photos I can't get over it! Your photos are always so amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!”

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