Creative Styling & On-Set Art Direction

Professional Styling Services and Art Direction In addition to shooting commercial photography for over 20 years; I offer art direction and creative input to all of my shoots, and can help refer you to a handful of stylists I've worked with throughout the years. Please note this is a separate fee from photography services.

What is Professional Styling? Most people don’t realize the amount of work and investment that goes into a successful photo shoot, especially for homes, commercial shoots and magazines. I always say it can be a lot of smoke and mirrors that you don't see behind the scenes. It is the difference between a good shot and a fantastic photo.

Professional Styling & Art Direction includes anything from coordinating of schedules, hiring models, accessory shopping, bringing in props, florals and food. It also can entail location scouting, advice on clothing and makeup, floral arrangements, and bringing in accessories such as plates, vases, bowls, blankets, coffee table books and large assortment of spoons, utensils and cutting boards.

I absolutely love to help coordinate and hire the appropriate vendors , however please note this a separate fee from my photography services and would need to be discussed in detail before the shoot to give ample time to shop and bring proper items, hire floral designer and even hair and make up if needed, to prepare for your particular project. We work alongside my clients--whether they are designers, chefs, or art directors--to achieve a polished, lived-in look for natural, lifestyle photography, homes and products.

Please inquire BEFORE your shoot for on-set styling fees and services. It’s typically an hourly rate or daily rate, prep time, plus cost of items bought and would need ample time to shop.

Contact me for rates & information.