Jacksonville Beach Pier: How it all started

I have photographed several landscapes and had them printed for restaurants and private collectors for many years, however, the original Jacksonville Beach Pier collection solidified my love for fine art photography. Back in 2012, I was on assignment shooting a high-rise beach front condo for an interior design client. After the commercial shoot was over, I stepped out onto the balcony about nine stories up... and I gasped. Even though I am a Florida native, I had never actually seen our beaches from that high up perspective. The water was so blue, the people were so small and I felt like I had a birds eye view of the landscape. So I started shooting the landscape and horizon. This was long before drones, helicopter shots and all you could see when you were at the beach was whatever was in front of you. These images below were taken in 2012.

Fast forward a few years, and Andrew Howard, who I have worked with since 2010, asked me if I had any local beach images for a client whose home he was designing. I went into my archives and dug up two images I thought might work and the client loved them, so I had them I printed for their home. Their home was later photographed by Lucas Allen and ended up being on the cover of Traditional Home magazine in May 2014. This was one of those ah-hah moments for me that made me realize that beyond shooting commercial work of interiors and products that I had a love and passion for travel, landscape and fine art photography. Since then I have not stopped adding to artwork of my collections, and it has fostered my love to travel and bring back what I found so beautiful. { SHOP THE JACKSONVILLE PIER COLLECTION }

My print images from this series have also appeared in James Howard's book Atmosphere. I am always grateful to those who wish to hang their artwork in their design projects and your homes. Thank you.

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